A Letter of Praise from a Horizon Owner After Cyclone Debbie

NEWS | April 04, 2017

Queensland, Australia suffered one of the most destructive storms, Cyclone Debbie, recently and the Australian government announced a large-scale evacuation in advance of the storm. As with any major natural event, Horizon owners in Australia took the necessary precautions to ensure their yachts would be safe. After the storm, we received several emails from Horizon owners assuring us that they and their yachts were safe, and there is one in particular we want to share; please find below a letter from the owner of the Horizon E73 “Barbarelle.”

“Hi all,

Just a short email to congratulate Horizon, as ‘Barbarelle’ has just been bashed with winds from 100km to a top of 260km for 24 hours, with the rain to go with it. She coped it on the nose and starboard side for 12 hours then up the [stern] for 12 hours. No damage to report, just lost a storage hatch on the port side, which has been found 100 meters away in good order. By the way I set the ropes up! For the last few months a lot of people have asked me if we had enough ropes on her. After what Barbarelle has been through, all the bilges are dry and on inspection we cannot find a drop of water inside the boat. Congratulations to Horizon on a very high build standard. Thanks to all involved.”

Horizon Yachts is extremely honored to receive such high praise from an owner immediately after this devastating storm, and we are very relieved to hear all of our owners in Queensland

. Every Horizon yacht we build is backed by our commitment to high quality and safety standards as well fun and enjoyable cruising…this is our commitment to our owners!