Horizon Group’s 30th Anniversary Celebrations in Taiwan - Moments of Joy, Pride, and Gratitude

NEWS | July 10, 2017

On a beautiful and sunny day in June, Horizon Group celebrated its 30th anniversary alongside one the company’s major milestones: the Horizon City Marina. Featuring four main entertaining areas – Horizon Plaza, Horizon Wonderland, the Yacht Experience, and the Waterfront Party – the festivities provided a little bit of everything from a food court, amusement rides, and games to a live concert to end the night. Over 3,300 guests, including employees, their families and friends, and business partners, attended this unforgettable event to celebrate Horizon’s 30 years of success.

The opening ceremony took place at the Horizon Plaza, where guests counted down to zero with Horizon Group CEO John Lu; when zero was reached, the yachts in the marina blew their horns into the southern Taiwan sky and officially opened the celebration. Guests were then guided by a famous aerobic trainer to undertake the group effort of forming the number 30, and the image was recorded and projected onto the main stage screen by a drone so everyone could see the fun.

Strolling to the Horizon Wonderland, guests were treated to an amusement park experience for all ages to enjoy! Thirteen attractions, such as a merry-go-round, kid robots, a surfing machine and more provided plenty of fun and laughter. Additionally, a specialized pool allowed parents and children to experience popular water sports such as kayaking and SUP.

At Horizon City Marina, employees’ families and friends were offered the experience of touring five luxury yachts – the RP110, FD85, E62, E56 and E56XO – and getting a feel for the yachting lifestyle. This was a special event for the family and friends of Horizon employees, as it gave them the chance to see first-hand the finished product that comes from all the hard work of their loved ones!

As evening approached, music flowed from the Waterfront Party, hinting at the excitement to come. The lights went out and the screen played Horizon’s 30th anniversary video, which documents the company’s journey and history over the past three decades. After thanking all the employees for their dedication, Horizon CEO John Lu, the chairman, James Cheng, and the managers raised their glasses and asked all the guests to share in a toast to the past, present and future for Horizon. 

The evening swiftly moved into the highly anticipated concert events, where artists and bands, including the highly popular Taiwanese band Wu-Bai & China Blue, took turns rocking the night. Many guests enjoyed the music from on board a yacht, while others took to the grass to dance to their favorite songs. As the concert came to end, the crowd yelled “encore” and even the yachts joined in, blowing their horns to encourage a final tune.

An unforgettable time spent in the company and friends, family and coworkers, the Horizon 30th anniversary was a true expression of joy, pride and gratitude - not only for everything the company has accomplished together but also what we will continue achieve. Here’s to the next 30 years!

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