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The World’s Fastest Growing Yacht Series Continues…to Grow

NEWS | October 04, 2022

The U.S. Market Leads in Orders for FD Series Builds Over 90 Feet.

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The American market demand for large, high-volume yacht builds is reflected in the latest edition of the Horizon FD Series Order Book. Now available in print and online, this unique publication is the ultimate log of every Horizon FD Series built or in-build to date, complete with customization details and owner testimonials.
Volume 12 outlines the ever-increasing number of new FD Series yacht builds and sales in recent months, with the U.S. market accounting for exponential growth in new builds 90 feet and above. The largest FD Series yacht built to date - the Tri-Deck FD110 - was recently delivered to an American owner and will soon be followed by the delivery of the Tri-Deck FD100 to another American customer, with new orders of these models now in build for eager clients.
Pick up your copy of the Horizon FD Series Order Book Vol. 12, at the Horizon Display Showcase during the 2022 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Face Dock, Red Zone, Slips 600-604.

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