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Expand Your Horizons With a New Charter and Partner Program

NEWS | October 20, 2022

Image 6098: Horizon Yachts and its preferred partner Yacht Connexion Charter have created a unique opportunity for clients to experience a variety of yachts including select Horizon models in breathtaking destinations around the world through a customer-focused charter and partner program.
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They say that first sip of coffee, taken on the bridge deck on a crisp New England morning, hits different. Imagine a day spent aboard a tri-deck, high-volume FD Series yacht, entertaining family and friends, exploring the islands, and experiencing that quintessential New England charm.
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They say the golden hour light in a Mediterranean port town has an essence of magic to it. Imagine an afternoon spent swimming in the glittering sea followed by sunset cocktails and a coastal cruise aboard a beautiful E Series yacht.
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They say that there are no colors more brilliant than those found in the world that lies just under the surface. Imagine having the ocean to yourself aboard an RP Series superyacht, where the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef beckon to be explored.

For our clients these experiences are even closer to hand.
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Now offering yacht charters as part of its curated service, Yacht Connexion has access to the global charter fleet of yachts worldwide and can assist with booking a yacht charter vacation on the yacht and destination of your choosing.
Horizon owners and interested clients also have the unique opportunity to charter select Horizon yachts that are offered exclusively to clients interested in purchasing or building their own Horizon.
Image 6109: 6100 Through the charter program, Yacht Connexion can arrange for a truly unique Horizon experience, whether it’s snorkeling in The Bahamas with the FD87 Aqua Life, relaxing with a clambake and beach bonfire in New England with the FD110 Freedom, or experiencing the local culture of the Fiji Islands with the RP97 Encore.
Yacht Connexion also takes the offerings for current Horizon owners one step further with a unique “partner” program that allows Horizon owners to swap their boats, much like a home share.
Image 6110: 7154 “We have U.S. owners who wish to cruise in the Med or the Great Barrier Reef, for example,” says Horizon Yacht USA Director Roger Sowerbutts, “and rather than take their boats, we can partner owners from Europe to cruise in the U.S. or Australia and vice versa. We have had owners speaking with other owners across the world about boat sharing and boat-to-property sharing. This connects our owners with experiences and destinations around the world they are interested in while also helping to establish our global owner relationships.”
For more information on Horizon yacht charters and other exclusive Horizon programs, please contact Yacht Connexion at +1 561 268 2467 or visit yachtconnexion.com.