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Horizon Yachts Australia Owners’ Rendezvous 2022

NEWS | December 14, 2022

Fourteen Horizon yachts and nearly 100 owners and guests gathered for the annual Australian Rendezvous in the Whitsundays.

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The Horizon Yachts Australia (HYAUS) Owners’ Rendezvous is gaining momentum as a must-attend global yachting event, and the recent four-day event was nothing short of spectacular. For the fourth year in a row, HYAUS planned and hosted the Australia-based Rendezvous, which this year saw fourteen Horizon yachts from 73 to 100 feet and nearly 100 owners and guests return to enjoy cruising and exploring Whitsunday Islands.
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Image 6334: 3157Image 6333: 4111Image 6332: 5168Image 6331: 6115Image 6330: 7160Image 6329: 8122Image 6328: 9146Image 6327: 10150The highly anticipated event kicked off on the afternoon of October 31st. Owners and guests arrived at the Lookout Lounge of the palm-fringed Coral Sea Marina for a warm welcome from the Horizon Yacht team accompanied by drinks and canapés amidst a breathtaking sunset, setting behind the Horizon FD90 skyline.
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The first full day of the Rendezvous called for fanciful attire with hats and fascinators a-plenty for the Horizon Owner’s Melbourne Cup Lunch. Adorned in their best furlong fashion, guests arrived at the Coral Sea Resort for a catered lunch to celebrate the prestigious Australian Thoroughbred horse race. Bets were placed with a guest bookie and everyone enjoyed an afternoon of laughter - particularly in admiration of the creativity of the FD Series’ designer Cor D. Rover, whose wife sported a stunning FD Series Yacht as her fancy hat of choice!

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Day Three was a day for activities, and guests immersed themselves in the beauty of the Airlie Beach destination with options including snorkeling, fishing and jet ski excursions on offer. In the afternoon, shuttles provided transportation to the picturesque Northerlies Beach Bar & Grill. Situated on the shores of Woodwark Bay, this waterfront eatery is a local favorite, and guests enjoyed a casual dinner on the beach with the backdrop of a brilliant sunset.

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Image 6289: 4810
 Image 6288: 4910Image 6287: 50Image 6286: 5167Image 6285: 5210Image 6284: 5310Image 6283: 5410Image 6282: 5510The weather cooperated with beautiful blue skies for the most eagerly-awaited activity of the event: the Annual Long Table Beach Day. Horizon yachts cruised in formation as a professional photographer and videographer captured the convoy via helicopter vantage point. As the yachts dropped anchor, guests tendered to shore for the seafood luncheon and spent the afternoon enjoying the turquoise waters, white sand beach, water toys and friendships new and old while making memories of a lifetime.
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Horizon Yachts Australia 2022 Owner Rendezvous Video: https://bit.ly/3ACnC5O 

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