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New Designs, New Builds and Innovative Customizations

NEWS | July 17, 2023




Now available in print and online, the latest version of the FD Series Order Book tracks the distinguishing features and story behind every high-volume Fast Displacement (FD) Series yacht built to date, as well as the customizations, amenities and intended market for the FD Series yachts under construction through 2023. Track the innovative “firsts” debuting in new builds, from the first FD80 to feature a touch-and-go helipad, to another with the first open galley layout, to the launch of the very first tri-deck FD110! With nearly 60 yachts either built or in build for the American, Australian, Asian and European markets since 2016, the pioneering, Cor D. Rover-designed FD Series continues to distinguish itself as the World’s Fastest Growing Yacht Series.

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