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What’s on Trend in Yacht Interior Design for 2021?

NEWS | October 06, 2020

Marble and quartz. Light woods. Off whites and soft Champagne color. Japandi. Glass and chrome. Minimalism... The design trends for 2021 borrow from the past while looking toward the future.
The teams at Horizon’s two in-house Design Centers discuss the trends they are implementing in both smaller and larger yachts while lending their expertise to styles and looks that will inspire and turn heads in 2021.

A warm and neutral color palette is the background of the 2021 yacht interior. Unlike the Scandi style that favors pure white, a warm or neutral background complements muted colors and natural hues, like brown and beige. No longer boring and conservative, beige has seen a comeback for providing a serene neutral tone upon which textures and pops of color can add visual interest. Champagnes and other variations of beige add elegance while grey and black accents add drama without being overbearing.

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The 2021 interior design finds common ground between bright and cold colors. Add cooler hues of muted pink, blue and green, warmed up with earthy details and wooden elements. Pops of color can also be introduced, but only when used sporadically so as to not interrupt the harmony of the design.

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Natural, tactile accents are on trend for 2021, so invite nature to join you onboard! Choose high quality furniture constructed of simple and natural materials, such as mid-toned wood with exposed grain. Match furniture with natural, textured fabrics like linen.

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Light woods are a popular material for yacht interiors as they create a comfortable, homey atmosphere. This material can be used not only for flooring, but also for wall coverings and ceilings. Use light, untreated woods to highlight multipurpose spaces.

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When working with a neutral space, texture is key. Add interest by combining different yet complementary materials and textures for a touch of natural simplicity. For warmth, soft, tactile fabrics make a space cozier. Add linen cushions, fuzzy rugs in a plain color, a statement wall art piece in neutral tones, or a living plant to serve as a focalpoint – what better way to achieve the natural look and blend the indoors with the outdoors than with plants and greenery!

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Natural elements like wood, metal, glass and stone are the dominant materials in 2021. Coated metals in bronze, iron grey or black lend an unobtrusive, yet refined look, and are swiftly usurping polished stainless steel. Thanks to advances in technology, engineered stone is now a great alternative to natural stone. It is durable, non-porous, and offers a variety of unique patterns and high-contrast veining.

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In the galley, eschew shiny surfaces for relaxing, matte finishes. Only metal accents should shine in this space. Stylish galley designs blend wood with concrete, metal with stone, or glass with artificial materials. It’s also a space where you can have fun, so be bold by combining various textures of one material or similar materials in different colors.

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Luxurious head design remains a focus for 2021. White marble or quartz are timeless and sophisticated materials that can be used for flooring and wall coverings as well as countertops, and beautifully complement woods and metal accents for an instantly luxurious look.

Because space is critical within a yacht’s interior, multifunctional furniture provides flexibility and versatility. A foldable dining table can be transformed to a sofa table or breakfast bar to permit open space for gathering or wider circulation. The hi/lo table can be casual at coffee table height or formal at dining height, and an extendable function fulfills the needs for both intimate family dinners or a large feast. Keep in mind, however, that these pieces should not only be functional and fit the space, but must be visually interesting as well.

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Solid cabinet doors hiding shelves and organizers are also on trend for 2021. Floor-to-ceiling galley cabinets are both functional and stylish, or a modern galley can incorporate low cabinets only for a spacious and luxurious look.

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Never underestimate the importance of lighting in yacht design! Highlight natural lighting wherever possible, taking care to not block windows or incorporate heavy furniture or cabinetry. Incorporate smart technology fiber optic lighting, which offers many advantages, such as being heat free, simple to install, safe, precise, durable and easily maintained. Fiber optic lighting also allows for a variety of colors and programmed settings that can shift from starry night to party mode at the touch of a button.

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Less clutter and cleaner lines define 2021’s look, and simple lighting designs blend perfectly into modern decors. Low-profile fixtures with soft colors and simple geometric designs that follow the Minimalism trend are becoming even more popular. Linear fixtures and track lights also bring harmony and the perfect amount of intentional light to a space.

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Complementing the neutral palette and natural finishes, a textured fabric or wallpaper with contoured lines, vivid patterns or colors remains popular.

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Leather is another preferred and durable material, as it brings a sense of quality and luxury to an interior, holds up against sun exposure and wears well when cared for. Incorporate leather into your interior as an accent piece, a wall covering, or a piece of furniture for that casually elegant look.

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While design preferences differ by market, Modern and Contemporary will be the preferred styles in 2021. Favored in the U.S. market, Modern styling displays bold lines, warm woods and the use of symmetry of space to create a balanced aesthetic. Popular in Europe and Australia, Contemporary styling embraces curved shapes, organic accents and rounded edges. This style welcomes variations and is always evolving, and works well with cooler hues and the latest interior gadgets. Both of these styles successfully execute the simplicity, neutral and natural color palettes, artistic touches and openness described above – perfect for creating a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere on board.

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