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Horizon Yacht USA Team Visits Taiwan

NEWS | March 01, 2023

Horizon Yacht USA Team Visits Taiwan Horizon Yacht USA Team Visits Taiwan Horizon Yacht USA Team Visits Taiwan

New members of the Horizon Yacht USA owner liaison team visit the Horizon facilities.
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It has been some time since frequent travel between the U.S. and Taiwan offices was the norm, but with the relaxation of travel restrictions renewing the possibility of interconnectivity, several new members of the Horizon Yacht USA team recently welcomed the opportunity to spend a work week at Horizon’s state-of-the-art facilities in Taiwan.
The team included Interior Build Coordinator Megan Johnson, Marketing Coordinator Karina Sowerbutts, and Sales Consultant Eric Scott. The purpose of the visit was to experience the Horizon build processes, learn about Horizon’s Atech Composites’ world-leading composites techniques and liaise with the yard’s two on-site Design Centers for current and future project consultations.
Welcomed in the grand fashion that Horizon Yachts extends to all of its visitors, the team was greeted by the smiling faces of members of Horizon Group’s Management, Marketing and Design departments. The team spent its first full day at the Atech Composites facility, the composite arm of the Horizon Groups manufacturing facilities, where each new staff member was briefed on the patented 6D resin infusion process, the aerospace-grade Non-Destructive Testing Methods used to test every yacht hull, and the cross-industry operations that allow Horizon to benefit from the latest advancements in all global industries utilizing composites technology.
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The team spent the next day reviewing the boats in build for US clients, as well as inventory builds for the US market with the engineering teams to maximize the designs for US market requirements. This was followed by discussions on plans for new product development, new equipment use, and the future strategic plan for Horizon Yachts in the US.
On the third and final day, the team toured the newly expanded Horizon shipyard manufacturing facilities, noting a few of the latest upgrades in technology including the 5-axis router and new Stereolithography 3D printer. They then met at the Horizon Interior Design Center to review the interior details of a current client build as well as the materials, finishes, soft goods, stonework and wood details of the FD90 and FD100 Tri-Deck spec builds due to be delivered in the Fall of 2023.
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Of course no visit to the Horizon Yachts shipyards and the colorful city of Kaohsiung is complete without some amazing food, and the team was treated to delightful luncheons and dinners epitomizing the Taiwanese culture, as well as the occasional afternoon bubble tea treat!
“Spending several days at the yard with our colleagues from both the US and Taiwan was a fantastic experience overall,” says Horizon Yacht USA Interior Build Coordinator Megan Johnson. “Not only did we get to experience the Horizon build process firsthand, we learned a tremendous amount about what makes each Horizon yacht build a truly unique and innovative project from concept to completion.”