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The Water Life: Aboard the FD87 Aqua Life

NEWS | October 17, 2022

The Water Life: Aboard the FD87 Aqua Life The Water Life: Aboard the FD87 Aqua Life The Water Life: Aboard the FD87 Aqua Life The Water Life: Aboard the FD87 Aqua Life The Water Life: Aboard the FD87 Aqua Life The Water Life: Aboard the FD87 Aqua Life

A chat with FD87 owner Lou Lentine about his yacht and his favorite destinations.

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Lou Lentine may have owned a few boats, including two other Horizon yachts, but his FD87 Aqua Life provides a respite from the demands of his many businesses. Aboard Aqua Life, he and his wife Kelli can sail away to make cherished memories with family and friends. It’s a life on the water that they enjoy sharing with others through an exclusive charter program.Image 6046:
Q. Tell us about your boating background
A. I have been boating since I was born; my family was in the marine industry and owned a boat marina and dealerships in New Jersey and Florida. My whole family has a love for boating — in fact my brother sits on the board of the National Marine Manufacturers Association and was recently honored with the 2022 Alan J. Freedman Memorial Leadership Award.Image 6047:
Q. What led you to the FD Series?
A. In 2015, I vividly recall being docked in the marina at Resorts World Bimini aboard our 58-footer. My wife was busy making breakfast for everyone. Next to us was a large yacht with a crew member serving the guests on the aft deck. ‘That is how I envisioned boating to be!’ she said. We decided then and there that we would prefer to vacation — more than work — aboard our boats.

When I first saw the FD series, I loved the amount of space, the multiple entertainment areas, and the on-deck master. The on-deck master was a must and was the biggest selling point for me. At that time it was very difficult to find a yacht in this size range with an on-deck master. My guests love the size of the cabins; each offers its own five-star experience. I have been on hundreds of yachts, and I can truly say that I don’t think any other compares.Image 6048:
Q. How was your experience with Horizon?
A. Being my third Horizon, I have gotten to know both the U.S. and Taiwan teams. I have visited the shipyard on several occasions and have been very impressed with their quality of work. I do a lot of business in Asia and have visited other shipyards, but I have always been impressed with Horizon’s processes and procedures. I believe John Lu and his team are honest and fair, with great knowledge in the industry. They listen to the owners’ feedback and suggestions and respond by creating yachts that work well for owners and captains.

From the yard to the Horizon Yacht USA team in Florida, the level of service has been unmatched, and we truly enjoy working with them. When I recently had a change in my captain, they helped with the transition and brought the new captain up to speed, quickly and professionally. If I ever have an issue they address it promptly.Image 6049:
Q. What are your favorite features of Aqua Life?
A. I love to hang out on the aft deck, while my wife loves the bow seating area where she can enjoy a glass a wine accompanied by an amazing sunset. In the morning we move the furniture around on the boat deck and it becomes a great place to work out. In the evening, the aft deck is great for cocktails before dinner, and then we will move the furniture again on the boat deck for dancing and karaoke. When we first saw the beach club, I thought we would never use it. I was wrong — it’s yet another great place to entertain during the day with our floats out, or at night.

Aqua Life is designed for entertaining, and we do our share, both with family and good friends. With three boys aged 17-22, we sometimes need space from them and their friends while on board. This boat has plenty of it. It is amazing how many different entertaining areas you can have on one yacht.Image 6050:
Q. What are your favorite cruising areas?
A. We love to cruise The Bahamas and Caribbean. The Abacos is our favorite area, we have a home there and we were very involved in the relief and supply efforts after Hurricane Dorian. We attended the Horizon Owners’ Rendezvous in May and had a lot of fun. We enjoy cruising the Caribbean but have not yet taken Aqua Life there yet as she has an active charter calendar in The Bahamas. We’ll definitely cruise the Caribbean this winter and we are discussing our plans for next year. Kelli is dreaming of a trip to Maine, while I prefer to take Aqua Life to the Med.

Q. What’s next?
A. An FD110 would be nice!