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Since 1987, the Horizon Group has defined, perfected and consistently exceeded the standards for design and craftsmanship with its range of 52 to 150 foot luxury motor yachts. As one of the ten largest yacht builders in the world, Horizon focuses on eight specialized series, each unique in style and function, and each designed and built to the highest standards to suit every customer's individual yachting lifestyle. The Horizon Group employs the most advanced technologies, finest materials, and the most talented designers in the world. Encompassing four manufacturing facilities over 27 acres, each ISO 9001 certified, the Horizon Group provides a strong foundation for yacht building within a customer-orientated environment, where management and employees share a common goal. Horizon is committed to exceeding customers' expectations and continuously improving upon the safety, design and construction of its yachts, while also keeping an eye on the future with new product development. With customer satisfaction, quality, durability, safety and value being the absolute minimum standards, the Horizon Group is dedicated to bringing your yachting dreams to life.

Horizon Yachts, headquartered in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is the #1 luxury yacht builder in Asia and one of the top global luxury yacht builders. Horizon Yachts is committed to providing our clients high-quality luxury yachts and has grown throughout the years to encompass four shipyards - the original Horizon shipyard, the Vision shipyard, the Premier shipyard and the Atech shipyard. All of the yards owned by Horizon are overseen by CEO John Lu, who founded the company in 1987 and has led Horizon to be in the top 5 largest custom yacht builders in the world. For more information on Horizon Yachts, our history and company, please visit the "Discover Horizon" section of our website.

We build our own yachts - 27 acres of manufacturing, 1000 employees and four shipyards are all dedicated to manufacturing Horizon's high-quality luxury yachts. Learn more about Horizon Yachts in the "Discover Horizon" section of our website.

Horizon Yachts comprises eight model series - the E series, EP series, FD series, P series, PC series, RP series, V series, and CC series - and within these series are 25 yacht models ranging from 52 to 150 feet. We offer planing, semi-planing, full displacement, and catamaran vessels to suit a variety of cruising lifestyles. You can view the entire Horizon Yachts luxury yacht collection on the "Model Series" section of our website.

Since our founding in 1987, Horizon has launched and delivered over 835 luxury yachts to clients around the globe.

Yes, we are happy to help arrange a factory tour of Horizon's facilities in Taiwan. Please contact us at 561-721-4850 for details.

Horizon Yachts provides sales and service representatives in 5 continents around the world, and each representative is ready and able to assist you with the purchase process and service. Horizon's representatives are not only knowledgeable of and experienced with Horizon Yachts, but they are also respected and active members of the yachting industry and can guide you to the best Horizon product to suit your lifestyle. For a list of Horizon Yachts representatives around the world, please visit the "Locations" page of our website.

In addition to our own in-house service coordinators and managers, Horizon Yachts has established partnerships with reputable service centers on 5 continents around the globe to ensure our owners receive the finest service wherever they are located. Please contact your local Horizon representative for more information on service centers. For help with parts and service in the United States, please contact our dedicated service line at 561-721-6068.

Each of Horizon Yachts 25 models offers a variety of layouts, designs and options available for personal customization. Our experienced in-house naval architects, engineers and interior designers work together with owners to tailor the yacht to their individual yachting lifestyle. Listening to your requirements and feedback, Horizon will help guide you within the build process and make your experience easy and enjoyable. We believe it is important for owners to be involved in the build of their yacht at every stage, which provides you the creative, hands-on ability to develop a Horizon yacht that is truly a reflection of you and your lifestyle. Learn more about the Horizon Yachts build process in the "Discover Horizon" section of our website.

The length of the build process depends on the size of the model ordered. For example the Horizon E56 can be built within 12 months whereas the Horizon P140 can take up to 2 years to be completed. To find out a build time for a certain model please contact us at 561-721-4850 or [email protected].

Horizon's VARTM, or vacuum assisted resin transfer molding processs, incorporates the most advanced technologies that ensure the perfect resin-to-mat ratios and strength-to-weight ratios, as well as a full one shot hull infusion to reduce secondary bonding for stringers and structural aspects of the design. In short, VARTM provides the best way to construct a yacht hull that meets the most stringent tests and conforms to class requirements.

Horizon's yachts can be built to full DNV, BV and MCA if required by the owner; we can also build to CE for European deliveries. ABYC guidelines are followed for US builds as standard. For more information on Horizon Yachts build classifications, please contact us at 561-721-4850.

As Horizon Yacht's pricing is extended to the global market, our base pricing structure does not include shipping and duty costs, which is based on the point of delivery. Each of our Horizon Yachts representatives around the world is available to help you estimate shipping and duty costs to your specific area; for U.S. inquiries, please contact our office at 561-721-4850 for pricing information including shipping and duty to your homeport, or reach out to the local Horizon representative in your area.

Horizon offers a 2 year material and workmanship warranty on all models as well as a 5 year structural warranty. For a copy of the Horizon Warranty policy please contact us at 561-721-4850.

Our Horizon Yacht USA Service Department will look after all your warranty issues or concerns and communicate directly with the Horizon factory.