Horizon Yachts 30th Anniversary: a Time of Celebration and Gratitude

NEWS | June 21, 2017

Horizon Yachts 30th Anniversary: a Time of Celebration and Gratitude Horizon Yachts 30th Anniversary: a Time of Celebration and Gratitude

Over the past thirty years, Horizon Yachts has undergone an exciting journey as a premier luxury yacht builder, transforming from a simple shipyard to one of the top-five ranked manufacturers in the industry. The water has been rough at times, yet despite the challenges we have made countless achievements over the past three decades. Today, Horizon Yachts is the largest luxury yacht manufacturer in Asia, employing a staff of 1,000 across four company-owned facilities that provide sales, new build, and service support to our clients.

A brief history of Horizon Yachts: the company was founded in 1987 to meet the rising demand for luxury yachts overseas. We were only a year into the business when we hit our first rogue wave: Taiwan’s currency received a boost and as a result, wages and the expense of raw materials increased tremendously. To adapt, Horizon changed its business strategy, expanding into new markets and becoming a competing force in the luxury yacht market. Two decades later, when the global financial crisis hit, Horizon once again proved itself strong by surviving the storm and also upping its commitment to the market, investing in research and development to create new models. In hindsight, these challenges proved Horizon’s capacity to tackle difficulties in various circumstances and cemented our place as a leader in the global yacht market.

Our success could not have been achieved without the help and commitment of every Horizon employee and craftsman, our suppliers, and our partners. Most importantly, we are grateful for the support from our employees’ families and the trust given to us by all Horizon yacht owners around the world. Without you, none of this would have been possible; because of you, we have never lost sight of our horizon.

We invite you to watch Horizon’s journey with a special video commemorating our 30 years in business! View on our Youtube page here: https://youtu.be/uV4iNpkHPxI