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Horizon Yachts 2023 in Review

NEWS | January 25, 2024

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In 2024, Horizon Yachts welcomes a brand new year, reflecting on the brilliance of 2023 and envisioning the innovation and prosperity of 2024.

The last twelve months heralded a steady flow of sales and deliveries, with both new and existing Horizon clients calling meetings to discuss customizing their next dream yacht. Nearly 20 new-build yachts ranging from 75 to 110 feet from the FD, V, RP and E series were delivered to clients worldwide in 2023.Image 7531: 11064Following on its commitment to continuous innovation and investment in new technology, Horizon Group in 2023 incorporated Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing into its manufacturing processes. Introduced in tandem with a PaR Systems 5-Axis CNC machine upgrade, the 3D printing capabilities further improves production efficiencies and design quality.Image 7532: 2224Image 7533: 3178Image 7534: 4131

This year, the Horizon Group’s Horizon City Marina achieved another milestone by becoming the first marina in Taiwan to receive the Superyacht Ready certification. This recognition adds to the honor previously earned through the Global Gold Anchor Marina Accreditation. Presented by the Marina Industries Association (MIA), the Superyacht Ready certification acknowledges the marina's capabilities in providing professional services and high-end facilities to visiting superyachts for luxury experiences.Image 7535: 5182In-person events continued to draw current and prospective clients as Horizon partners displayed the latest Horizon yacht builds in the global boat shows. Three international Owners’ Rendezvous were also hosted in 2023, including the Horizon Yacht USA Mystic Seaport Museum Rendezvous, the Horizon Power Catamarans Rendezvous and the Horizon Yacht Australia Airlie Beach Rendezvous. It brings the entire Horizon family great joy to see so many Horizon owners joined together to share their build experiences and cruising stories.Image 7536: 6164Image 7537: 7117Image 7538: 8133

Horizon’s innovative achievements continued to be recognized in 2023, with the RP125 model winning a Taiwan Excellence Award. Recognized for its innovation in both onboard layout and overall performance, the RP125 marks the 14th consecutive Horizon yacht to receive a Taiwan Excellence Award. Horizon Yachts was also the only yacht builder to be honored with the award in 2023 — a testament to the brand’s focus on innovation, progress and furthering the Taiwanese yacht building industry.Image 7539: 9155The Horizon Yachts team worldwide is preparing for an exceptionally busy year ahead with an already full schedule and production lineup in place. Diverse, innovative and customized Horizon yacht models will be sold to each of the major global markets including the U.S., Australia, Asia and Europe.

The Horizon team is also preparing for a grand event in 2024: The 2024 Open House. From March 5th to March 7th, 2024. Horizon owners, clients, partners, international media, and family and friends from around the world will gather in Kaohsiung to celebrate Horizon’s latest achievements while learning more about the brand’s strengths and capabilities as a luxury yacht builder.Image 7540: 10156Image 7541: 11141Image 7542: 12128Over the course of three days, attendees will enjoy personal tours and sneak previews of the latest yacht model debuts and launches including the FD90 Skyline, FD80 Skyline Hull 12, FD80 Skyline Hull 14 and V77 Skylounge. Guests will gain an in-depth understanding of our production processes through factory tours and experience the culture and vibrance of the city of Kaohsiung through with a city tour.

In the New Year, Horizon plans to continue and strengthen its commitment to exceeding the expectations of all clients. On behalf of CEO John Lu and the entire Horizon Yachts family worldwide, we look forward to another year of innovation, collaboration and defining the dreams of our valued clients.Image 7543: 13122

For more information on Horizon events and upcoming yacht shows in 2024, please contact your Horizon Yacht USA dealer or email [email protected]